Reply To: Competitive Advantage via Tech/ IT Company Acquisition by Non-Tech Company



That is a great question! I found it very interesting because for my “what’s happening in your industry” assignment, it focused on how healthcare industries were merging with other branches of healthcare or even retail spaces (Walmart and Humana for example), so I had a feeling this would also exist in the tech industry.

The world of self-driving cars was something that did come to mind as we read about reports of successful/non-successful attempts, so I started there. I found this interesting article on Strategy & Business “Tech Deals Bring New Challenges to M&A”. The article covers more than just cars, but it did talk about GM purchasing a tech start-up that now runs GM’s self-driving unit. This reminded me of the Polycom case-study, if you don’t have the capability or ability, buy it from someone who does! There were some interesting acquisitions called out in the article that even made me go “hmmm…” like IKEA acquiring TaskRabbit.

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