Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Professional (M&AP)

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About the M&AP Certification Program

The M&AP is a tailored program designed to meet the needs of auditing, consulting, investment banking, and legal professionals. The M&AP and IM&A shares three of the same modules (Essentials, Due Diligence, and Finance); however the M&AP alternatively provides a unique module on Running a Successful M&A Practice and participants may choose to complete 5 modules to receive both designations.


The M&AP is a tailored program to address the needs of advisors, investment bankers, chartered accountants and lawyers the programs includes:

  • From running a M&A practice to Valuation
  • Four modules
  • Case studies
  • Global faculty


This program can be taken full-time or part-time online only. If you are interested in taking a course module onsite, please contact our office directly:

  • Online only


Depending on the prior experience of participants, it usually takes the following time complete this M&A certificate:

  • Online: approx. 100 hours
  • Contact our office if interested in onsite module

Reasons to take this program

Participants take this M&A certification program for the following reasons:



Focus on exactly what you need during the M&A process in order to develop your expertise from running your own M&A practice to closing the deal.



Share your experiences and practice on business cases with the opportunity to receive on-going feedback from our experienced faculty and trainers.



The program does not only cover the most up-to-date expertise on M&A from the United States, but also includes international know-how from all around the world, developed and emerging markets as well as cross-border transactions.



Busy? Unlike an onsite program, the M&AP certification does not require participants to complete each module within a designated time frame: give yourself an opportunity to succeed by taking the time you need.

Overview of the Content

This tailored M&A program is great for auditing, consulting, investment banking and legal professionals as it consists of the following four modules:

Module 1: Essentials of Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Forms and Methods of M&A
  • M&A Strategies
  • Success & Failure of Mergers & Acquisitions
  • M&A Process (Buy-side and Sell-side)
  • M&A Activity, Pattern and Timing
  • Hostile & Friendly M&A
Module 3: Valuation
  • Discounted Cash Flow analysis
  • Trading & Transaction multiples
  • Distressed firms & restructuring
  • Valuation of start ups
  • Company valuation in emerging markets
  • Cross-border considerations
  • Financial Engineering
  • Identification and valuation of synergies
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Payment terms and conditions
Module 2: Due Diligence
  • Preparing for Due Diligence
  • Data room management
  • Red flag reports
  • Management presentations & interviews
  • The Classics: Financial & Tax DD
  • Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA)
  • Representation and warranties
  • Checklists
  • Tax structuring
  • Country specific challenges in DD
Module 4: Running A Successful M&A Practice
  • Nurturing & leveraging relationships
  • Current M&A landscape
  • Deal origination & client pipeline
  • Deal portfolio
  • Strategies for buying & selling firms
  • Staffing & recruiting
  • Ethics & managing conflicts of interest
  • Managing reputation
  • legal liabilities
  • Structuring M&A partnerships

Benefits of Online Learning

Edit FeatureOnline Real-life business cases All mandatory course materials included Lifelong online access to most current content 1-year Individual IMAA Membership Start right away On-Demand video lectures & direct tutoring Full flexibility No time constraint Work from anywhere in the world

Past Participants

IMAA past participants work for or have gone on to work for numerous internationally recognized institutions.

Accreditation and Recognition

IMAA is recognized or accepted by other high quality institutions as a continued education provider.

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