Buyout: The Insider’s Guide to Buying Your Own Company


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Authors: Rick Rickertsen, Robert E. Gunther                             

Publisher: AMACOM

Year: 2001, May

ISBN: 978-0814431719


Successful management buyouts (MBOs) are the pinnacle of business success today and a great way to earn an ever-increasing stake in the American dream. Buyout provides managers and executives with the necessary tools and strategies for leading a company or division buyout. It explores the details of the entire buyout process and empowers managers to seize their destiny and take charge. Managers learn how to: * Find a company to purchase * Develop a business plan * Negotiate with the seller * Win the “”ground war”” of due diligence * Find equity partners and negotiate the management deal with investors * Run the company after the MBO. Buyout offers real-life stories of people who actually pulled off out-of-this-world deals and became rich beyond their wildest expectations.

Table of Contents

No Guts No Glory

Avoiding Deal Hell

Find or Create Your Opportunity

Strategy for the Business

Show Me the Money

What’s in It for You?

Preparing for the Ground War

Riding the Tiger

The Buyout Toolkit




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